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Financial Advice for Blue Collar America

Financial Advice for Blue Collar America

Short on cash? Worried about retirement? Not sure how you’ll pay for college? These challenges trouble most Americans. You’ve got to learn the basics if you want to be financially successful, and Kathy gives them to you in 152 readable, fact-based, compelling pages. Conventional wisdom says: “Go to college if you want to succeed.” That’s not necessarily true. Blue collar workers can earn a better salary than many college-educated people without the debt associated with going to college. Learn how to maximize your potential and minimize your risk as you climb the ladder of financial freedom.

The 11-Step Do-It-Yourself Comprehensive Financial Plan

Want to know where you are financially and figure out where you’re going? Use these eleven steps to get the answers and create your own comprehensive financial plan! You’ve heard the saying “enough is as good as a feast.” These DIY financial planning steps tell you everything you need to do, but they won’t take weeks to complete. Financial planning is not mysterious or complicated, and it doesn’t have to take dozens of hours. Follow these steps to start on the path to becoming financially safe and successful.

DIY Plan
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