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Are your finances worrying you? Do you have important financial decisions to make? I can help. It can be overwhelming to have to contact multiple banks, insurance companies, and brokerages to figure out where your money is. Just finding the phone number is a trial, and then when you finally locate it, the confusing option choices and robot voices keep you from talking to a real person. And once you get there, half the time the person transfers you to another robot before you can even state the problem.


We’ll make the calls together – and during those long chunks of hold time, we’ll get to know each other better so I can serve you more efficiently. My training and experience as a Certified Financial Planner™ and tax expert are just what you need to make sure your money is safe.


My years of life experience as a wife, mom, and friend will make the whole financial planning experience as pleasant and as efficient as we can make it. Call me – we’ll just chat – no cost! – to see if you could use my help.

Friendly and Comforting Help for Widows

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