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DIY Plan

Want to know where you are financially and figure out where you’re going? Then buy The 11-Step DIY Comprehensive Financial Plan and get these steps to get the answers and create your own comprehensive financial plan! Financial planning is not mysterious or complicated, and it doesn’t have to take dozens of hours. This online DIY financial plan guides you through and doesn’t take weeks to complete.

DIY - Learn How Here!

Steps for All Financial Planning DIYers

1. Understand where your money goes
2. Know your net worth
3. Get debt issues under control
4. Start an emergency fund
5. Reduce risk through insurance coverage
6. Minimize taxes
7. Save and invest
8. Understand Social Security benefits
9. Plan for retirement
10. Write a will
11. Organize your documents


“Extra” Steps for Some Financial Planning DIYers

12. Plan to buy a house
13. Plan to pay for college or tech school
14. Manage student loan debt
15. Advance your career


Additional Information

Appendix A: Additional information and calculators
Appendix B: Practical tips for raising cash
Appendix C: Dealing with debt

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