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Investment management

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Financial Planning with a CFP®

Worried you can't afford a financial plan? You can: we've got several options. Many clients need help with one or two aspects of their financial lives, and for you an affordable plan can be designed and presented for $450 or less.

At Wilson David, getting to know your current financial profile is the key ingredient in helping us prepare your financial plan and an appropriate investment strategy tailored to you. To make things as simple as possible, we use the following process:


Initial Interview


The purpose of our complimentary initial interview (in our office, at your home, or by phone) is to learn your objectives and determine whether Wilson David can help you achieve your goals. If we agree we are a good mutual fit, we will send you an introductory letter, along with our Privacy Policy, Form ADV Part 1 and ADV Part 2 (Disclosure Brochure). 

Client Meeting


During this consultation, we’ll review the information that you provided in the questionnaire. This meeting will help us get everything on the table and review your current financial situation, priorities, and long-term goals. We will explore your risk tolerance, address your concerns, and answer questions that may not have been discussed during the initial interview.


Proposal Letter


Next, we will prepare a proposal letter based on the information you provided and our conversation on your risk tolerance and financial goals. The proposal letter documents our understanding of your desires and our suggestions; if we are not on the same page, we can make changes as needed to get it just right. Along with the proposal letter, we will also prepare the necessary new account paperwork required by Wilson David and by our custodian, Folio.


Once the paperwork is returned, we will start preparation of your Investment Policy Statement.  Generally, we’ll have your policy statement done within one two weeks.  

As your personal Chief Financial Officer, Wilson David can assist you with financial planning during all phases of your financial life.  Whether you are just graduating, starting a family, saving for your child’s college education, transitioning from military service, recently widowed or divorced, planning for retirement, or looking ahead to ensure that your heirs get all they should from your life’s work, we will give you cash flow guidance and help you develop a dynamic plan for your financial future. Learn more about CFP board certification at the CFP website.

Graduates - For those of you who are just entering the work force or completing college, we can help you evaluate what you are bringing in relative to what is going out. We’ll help you develop a budget so that you have money left over for saving, investing and some fun.  Kathy is also an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina - Aiken, and she particularly enjoys holding learning seminars for your age group.


New Parents - If you’re just starting a family, you have expenses you may never have considered before. The cost of formula and diapers and so forth can be surprising - let alone the money you may have borrowed to get your new child’s room just right. Maybe you are also trying to save for your first home or are thinking about your child’s college education.  Wilson David can help you establish a budget and guide you through these financially stressful times with more confidence.


Loss of a Spouse - Our planning and management services are especially valuable for individuals who are in transition. If you are recently widowed or divorced, we can help you use the money you have acquired to begin drawing an income to completely replace or supplement your current income. You will find Wilson David a comforting and secure place to come. We can help make the money you helped create work for you.


Nearing Retirement - If you are just starting to plan for retirement or have started planning but your 401(k)s and IRAs are in different accounts from previous employers, we can help you roll-over or consolidate those accounts under one roof.  Even better, we offer a substantially greater number of investment choices than your typical employer based 401K. Let us review your current holdings and show you how you can increase your portfolio’s diversification and improve your investment results.


Retirees - It’s not just what you earn, but what you keep that counts. And after you are gone, it is not what you leave, but what is left, that matters. It's never too early to begin thinking about your legacy. Contrary to what many people think, you don't need to be a millionaire to have an estate plan. An estate plan is an important part of any ongoing financial planning process. Each state has different estate tax laws and minimum wealth requirements for invoking payment of estate or inheritance taxes by your heirs. Wilson David can review your current and potential net worth and help you make a plan to protect as much of your hard-earned money as possible, preserve your legacy, avoid the hassle of probate, and help you make sure your money goes to those you want it to. 

Complete financial plans start as low as $450 for Wilson David clients and $1,500 for non-clients or by custom design with our hourly rates.  


Mini-plans, focused plans, and plans for special circumstances can be designed based on an hourly fee.

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