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CFP Exam Tutoring

Worried about the CFP® exam?

Running out of time?

Need some extra help narrowing down what you should study?


Call Kathy!

  • Easy-going, cheerful mentor

  • Expert test-taker

  • Experienced test-creator

  • Encouraging tutor

  • Efficiently practical guide to getting the points


My GPAs and list of successful exams are made up of higher grades than I really deserve because I'm lucky to be good at discerning what a test is likely to ask. My 20 years as an adjunct professor give me an “in” on how exam-givers think. As a mom whose ADHD daughter needed extensive help through her graduate school years on narrowing down vast amounts of content, I’ve developed the ability to help everyone focus on the things they need to know in time to pass the test.


$65 per hour; we’ll design an affordable plan just for you.

Please call or text Kathy at 803-507-6300 or email me at


Kathryn Hauer, CFP®, EA, CHMM, GC, MBA, MA, Series 65

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