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Retirement Plans for Small Business

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Live for today; plan for tomorrow. Such a delicate balance. We understand how expensive it is to live, so we help you set realistic goals.

Did you know that a company 401K or other company-sponsored retirement plan has the double benefit of saving your company money while making your employees happy?  Even small firms like to reward employees, but in today’s economy, expensive benefits are cost prohibitive.  Wilson David Investment Advisors can help you choose and start the right retirement plan options for your business.  Many types of plans are available; we’ll spend some time with you listening to your goals and needs, then we will work with you to choose and implement just the right plan.  We’re an independent firm, so we have many more product offerings than traditional advisors.

You can save taxes with a company retirement plan whether you are a sole proprietor where you are the only employee or you are a business with a few or many employees.  We’d love to meet you.  Please give Kathy a call at 803 507 6300 or send us an email at


Which Plan Might Be Best? (All allow the employer to deduct some of the cost)


  • 401(k) Plan • Want a stand-alone plan for employees to save in a tax-efficient manner • Variability in cash flow; loans allowed; employees contribute

  • Defined Benefit Plan • Want to favor older employees • Strong cash flow • High earnings • Strong balance sheet • Comfort with relatively uncertain funding and administrative costs Money Purchase Plan • Want to favor younger employees • Moderate cash flow and earnings • Moderate balance sheet

  • Profit Sharing Plan • Want to favor younger employees • Moderate cash flow and earnings • Owner wants to maintain control of stock in the business

  • Employee Stock Option Plan or Stock Bonus Plan •Want to create market for employer stock • Want to leverage stock for increased liquidity • Marginal cash flow • Owner comfort with loss of control

  • SEP • Want low administrative costs • Fluctuating cash flow • Desire for minimum regulation

  • SIMPLE • 100 or fewer qualifying employees • Stable cash flow • Desire for minimum regulation; employees contribute

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