This Financial Planner Agrees: “Take Care of Y’all Chicken”

Great game! And unlike the disappointment that comes with being a University of South Carolina Gamecock fan, the team I root for, the Green Bay Packers, actually won. But the Seattle Seahawks have several players I cheer for including Jadeveon Clowney (USC), Russell Wilson (Wisconsin), and the eternally interesting Marshawn Lynch.

How delightful that Marshawn decided to wade into (ok, beast mode, drive powerfully into) my scope of expertise, financial advice. Marshawn was advising young NFL players to be fiscally responsible with the money they earn today so that it is less likely that later in life they might be in financial distress.

We can all benefit from taking care of what we earn whether we call it chicken, bread, dough, bacon, cheese. Ok, I’m making breakfast casserole after I’m done with this article.

Spend Less Than You Earn

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