“Redefining Success”: A Euphemism for Unfair Pay?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I love the concept of “re-defining success,” which has gained ground over the decade as a way to feel more contented about life’s prospects. It is beneficial to figure out what really matters to you so that you can take actions that will help you reach goals that genuinely satisfy.

When “Redefining Success” is Fair

I had the opportunity to participate in a Minnesota Public Radio show with Kerri Miller, Marcheta Fornoff, and Nerdwallet’s Sara Rathner about the financial difficulties that the Covid-19 crisis is bringing to millennials and Gen Z. You can listen here. It is a great show full of tips and optimism for overcoming financial difficulties as a result of Covid-19. One of the great points made during the show is the importance of “redefining success” when it becomes evident that previously-hoped-for financial dreams are dead.

Redefining your idea of success to conform to the realities you find yourself in is smart and reasonable. For example, deciding that you get more fulfillment from experiences than you do from material things might mean that your house is sparsely furnished but that your travel journal is full. You could forgo the slog to the “corner office” (that expression may soon count for less, thanks to Covid-19!) in favor of a career in social work where you make daily differences in the lives of people you serve. It’s great for your life to be meaningful to you rather than to try to fit in to what society tells you should be important.

When “Redefining Success” is Unjust

The place where “redefining success” breaks down for me is where wage