Diamond Mine: Digging for Freelance Work

As we discussed yesterday, if you’ve already cut expenses and still are short each month, adding income can help. Lots of good ideas are out there, and the links in this article provide a good starting place.

I’m not recommending, approving, or personally advocating for (or receiving money for providing!) the links below but rather providing them as jumping off points for you to explore the concept. And, not to be negative, but many of the suggestions in the sites below are unlikely to make you a lot of money – to earn money from writing a book, walking dogs, or being a wedding planner, you have to find substantial numbers of actual people wanting to pay you, pay you well, and continue to pay you for that service. And some of the tips in these sites are unworkable or possibly detrimental to your health (like selling plasma). But within the lists, you can find some good ideas.

Also, be wary of job scams. If the entity you are looking at asks for money or requires many hours of unpaid “training,” look elsewhere. There are plenty of legit freelance jobs out there that will pay you a fair wage, ask for no money from you, and pay you for being trained. Pass on the bogus ones and move on to the fair ones.

Here's a list of some sites that look cool and reasonably safe: