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“Will Your Heirs Get Slammed with Debt When You Die?”

“Millennials and Minorities Crushed by Overdraft Fees.” (quoted in article)

“Career Advice from Your Financial Advisor.”(quoted in article)

“Over 55 and Out of Work? It’s Time to Reinvent Yourself” (quoted in article)

Here’s when your tax return could spark interest from the IRS

Many Americans feel optimistic about their immediate financial future — here’s why they may be wrong (quoted in article) 11-19-2019

Here are smart money moves for long-term financial security

Here’s what to do with your tax-bill bonus

How the IRS will treat those one-time tax bonuses

The best way to use a tax bill bonus

Need job advice? Try turning to your financial advisor for help

Over 55 and out of work? It’s time to reinvent yourself

Millennials, minorities crushed by overdraft fees

Here’s what people would do with a $10,000 windfall

Investors in these popular funds should brace for volatility

Trump Promised to Protect Steel. Layoffs Are Coming Instead

Will your heirs get slammed with your debt when you die?

Irma victims can now tap their 401(k) funds for cash

Who pays the price if Congress cuts mortgage deduction

How to properly cash out of an IRA, 401(k) or 529 savings plan (written by K. Hauer)

This fund helps keep retirees from running out of money

Plenty of confusion about good debt vs. bad debt

Americans are more confident about saving for retirement, CNBC survey finds. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worried (quoted in article), 4-1-2019

Medicare Part B premiums devouring many retirees’ Social Security increase, survey shows

Trump says there will be no change to 401(k) plans

Happiness in retirement is about more than account balances

Last call for 2017 Obamacare insurance coverage

Obamacare is in the crosshairs: Here’s how to protect yourself

Health costs may gobble up Social Security benefits

Here’s how much money you give up if you don’t grab your employer’s 401(k) match (quoted in article), 2-24-2020

Here’s what can happen if you flee the stock market for cash (quoted in article), 2-28-2020

Here’s how to get back in the stock market if you sold out of fear when it was down (quoted in article) 6-18-2020

Four money must-dos if you want basic financial security (Author) 8-1-2017



“Retirement Questions, Answered: What Those Who Are Off-Track Should Know” (quoted in article) 2-22-2017


“It’s Your Dream Job But The Pay’s Is a Nightmare.” (quoted in article)



“How Retirement Accounts Can Affect Your Tax Bracket.” (quoted in article)

“How to Pay for School When you Make a Career Change.” (quoted in article)

NBC News

“Obamacare Deadline: Should You Sign Up?” (quoted in article)


Martha Stewart Living

“Ready for Retirement.” (quoted in article)


USNews & World Report

“Making Sense of Ten Confusing Tax Terms.” (quoted in article)


“When Is the Right Time to Buy Your Child a Cellphone?” (quoted in article)


Consumer Reports

“Should You Sign Up for the New Amazon Credit Card?” (quoted in article) (



“Financial Tips for Millennials Paying Their Own Way.” (author)

“Start a Side Gig for Extra Cash.” (author)

“How To Amend Your Tax Return.” (author)

“The Financial Cost of Temporary Work.” (author)

“Perseverance Pays When Filing Insurance Claims.” (author)

“How Investing in the Market Is Like Having A Teenager.”

“Doing Your Taxes Yourself Isn’t As Hard As You Think.” (author)

“Many Types of Advisors Call Themselves ‘Financial Advisors’.” (author)

“Nine Key Questions about Your Company 401(k).” (author)

“Fantasy Football and Investing Take Research, Risk to Win.”(author)

“IRA or 401(k) – A Guide to Decide.”(author)



“Why Getting a Tax Refund Can Be A Good Thing.” (author)

“Five Investing Tips from Your Garden.” (author)

“Are Home Warranties Worth It?”

Time Magazine (Now Money Magazine)

“Student Loans and Gift Tax.” (quoted in article)

Investopedia (Former Links; Investopedia ended its advisor author platform)

“How To Be Financially Prepared for Unemployment.” (author)

“How to Switch from Military to Civilian Jobs.”(author)

“Don’t Wait to Pay Attention to Your Finances.”(author)

“Financial Tips for Parents on a Tight Budget.” (author)

“The Career Benefits of Vocational Training Programs.”(author)

“Personal Safety: Including the Costs in Your Budget.” (author)

“The Return on ROI When Your Millennial Kid Lives at Home.” (author)

“Start a Side Gig for Extra Cash and Fulfillment.” (author)

“Considering Technical School and Lifetime Earnings.” (author)

“How to Protect Family Finances When a Child Makes a Mistake.” (author)

“Want to Retire Early? Think Again.” (quoted in article)

“Top Four Retirement Savings Mistakes to Avoid.” (quoted in article)


Current Investopedia Links

“Credit Score” (quotes in article) 4-9-20 



“Tips to Manage the Variable Costs in Your Budget.” (author)

“Party of One – Financial Considerations When You Live Alone.” (author)

“Home Renovations with Refinancing.” (quoted in article)

“Steps to Researching a Financial Professional.” (author)

“Ways to Fool Yourself into Saving More Money.”(quoted in article)

“Three Ways to Say No When Your Adult Kid Asks for Money.” (quoted in article)



“Financial Advice for the Rudolphs of the World.”(author)

“The Four Horsemen of a Decent Job.” (author)

“Five Tips to Manage the Variable Costs in Your Budget.” (author)

“How Retirement Accounts Can Affect Your Tax Bracket.” (author)

“Once Bitten, Twice Shy: The Financial Cost of Personal Safety.” (author)

“Wish Politics, the Think System, and Your Money.” (author)



“Emergency Funds – A Financial Advisor’s Tips for Getting Started.” (author)

“Help Your Child Get the Most State Dollars.” (author)



“Creating a Budget is Not As Scary As It Sounds.” (author)

“Emergency Funds: A Financial Advisor’s Tips for Getting Started.” (author)

“Not All Debt is Bad.” (author)

“The Other ‘Insurance Benefits’ You Can Count On.” (author)

“Scam-Stopping Self Defense Techniques for Investors.” (author)

“You Have the Power to Slay Your Money Monsters.” (author)

“The Courage to Say No Financially – For Women.”

“How to Calculate Return on Investment.” (author)

“What the Taxpayer Bill of Rights Means.”(author)

“Why Sometimes Skipping College is the Better Choice.” (author)

Investment News

“What Advisors Wish They Knew When Starting Out.” (quoted in article)

“More Advisors Gaining New Clients Through Social Media.” (quoted in article)



“What is APR?”(quoted in article)



“Your Money – Drinking and Shopping Brews Up a Nasty Cocktail.” (quoted in article)


“Valentine’s Day Spending.” (quoted in article)

“Some Advisors Take the Long Road.” (quoted in article)


Huffington Post

“Is Student Loan Debt Really Good Debt?” (quoted in article)

Real Simple

“The Savings Hack Millennials Do Better Than Any Other Generation” (quoted in article) 8-17-2018,


BBC Portugal

“Dicas para sobreviver com o emprego dos sonhos que paga mal.” (quoted in article)


Starks CFP® Bootcamp

“How to Win Points and Influence Scores on the CFP Exam.” (author)

“A Yellow Bird with a Yellow Bill: Pass the CFP Exam.” (author)

“Double, Double, Toil and Trouble – Social Security Taxation.” (author)

“Marshmallows and Medicare Part D.”(author)

“BTW – HSAs R Gr8! The Benefits of a Health Savings Account.” (author)

“The Rumors of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated – Let’s Not Bury Social Security Yet.” (author)


Yahoo Sports

“The Savings Hack Millennials Do Better Than Any Other Generation” (quoted in article) 8-17-2018,


The Hartford

“Money-Saving Time-Wasters (and What to Do Instead)” (quoted in article) 4-21-2020

New Mexico carries heaviest credit card debt burden, study shows “ (quoted in article) 12-4-2019


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National Public Radio NPR Appearance. Special Series on the Coronavirus Crisis: “Short on Cash? Here's Some Advice For Families Stretching Their Budgets”

Minnesota Public Radio “MPR News with Kerri Miller. Millennials and Covid Financial Woes. 5-9-2020

SCETV’s South Carolina Business Review interview with Mike Switzer “Blue Collar Jobs Gaining Steam”

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The 11-Step, Comprehensive, DIY Financial Plan

Financial Advice for Blue Collar America

Asesoramiento Financiero para la Clase Trabajadora de los Estados Unidos

Redcliffe: The Adventures of Two Southern Girls


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